OhanaJo Studio

OhanaJo is an award winning yoga & sound healing studio in Malaysia where it focuses on curating transformational experiences.

OhanaJo comes from the Hawaiian word ‘Ohana’ which means family so we are all connected. We are thrilled and grateful you found us because at whatever point you’re at in your life’s journey, just know that everyone is welcome here.

OhanaJo Online aims to provide a safe space for a conscious community to come together, grow and be supported by each other, because that’s what families do!

Our founder, Jojo has always made it a point to make people feel at home, included and welcome, so OhanaJo is an extension of her own family values and she would want you to feel that same sense of belonging when you visit OhanaJo.

We believe that taking a journey inward is the key to a deeper connection with ourselves.

​There's a saying that goes, "home is where the heart is". We would like to welcome you home to finding greater inner peace within your own body, mind and soul.

We truly hope you can find something at OhanaJo, whether it's a part of your past you are needing to let go of, or a part of something 'new' you are trying to bring in, to manifest your dreams and future goals. With each and every session we do, whether it's online or in our studios, we hope that you can experience a positive transformation in your own life.