One simple subscription to enjoy SOUL and YOGI Livestream Classes and Videos On Demand


The OhanaJo Premium Membership gives you unlimited access to all the new YOGI & SOUL classes and the library each month. It will be rich in both live stream and on demand PLAYBACK classes with teachers from all over the world, from physical yoga and to movement, breathwork, sound healing and meditation, to transformational circles and wisdom talks. It was our mission to bring each and every one of you extraordinary value with every single class or transformational experience you’ve had with us, and we now want to do the same for you in these online classes. So you can be with us, from home, on the go or tuning in from any part of the world.

This is a members-only closed membership that will give you access to all of your favourite heart based healers and teachers across a diverse array of experiential and transformational classes to take care of your physical, emotional & spiritual well-being. There will also be a community platform where you can ask us all the questions you have and our teachers will try to answer as many of them as possible. This early bird launch promo of USD35/month (worth USD90/month)! And you can cancel anytime! No contracts! No obligations.

  • OhanaJo Premium Membership (Monthly)
  • $35 USD

    per month

    Full access to SOUL and YOGI Prerecorded Classes including OhanaJo Community for members only.

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  • Enjoy access to Live Stream and On Demand Classes


What is the Super Early Bird USD35/month? 

We wanted to give you extraordinary value for your membership, so for those who have joined us at USD35/month, for instance, you are entitled to secure this special rate. And you can still cancel anytime. No contracts.

What will I enjoy as a Premium Member? 

  • Access to all Live Stream Classes  (More than 70 New Classes, Every Month)
  • Access to all REPLAY Classes on demand
  • Access to bonus content on the go across both OhanaJo Yogi and OhanaJo Soul
  • Access to a Private Social Community of emotional support from the loving “Ohana” of our OhanaJo Online Facilitators and their teachings, anytime, anywhere and feel free to ask us anything. We are here to support you in any way we can or through our community page
  • Get regular updates securely via email

How do I receive the Class Schedules?

All the Live sessions schedules can be downloaded on the opening page where you book for your Yogi Live Stream Classes +  Soul Live Stream Classes.

How do I book/get notified for a class?

You will first need to choose the type of class you’re looking for. Select OhanaJo Yogi or OhanaJo Soul on homepage. You’ll see a list of classes in order of date, time and class title. Just click on the start button on the right. This will lead you to the next page showing you the poster and class description.

Then, “click to book livestream class” highlighted in yellow where it will say you have successfully booked your class. You can get the zoom link to your class from here. For your convenience, it is also automatically emailed to you as confirmation of your booking. You can also save it to your google calendar so you won’t miss your class.

What is The REPLAY Section? 

This is where you get to see select replays from your favourite classes and teachers you’ve missed. However, due to some variables (this can be anything from WiFi disruptions or safeguarding privacy in certain class settings/formats), hence the need to edit some classes, we do not REPLAY every single class. But we will aim to put on selected replays as quickly as possible after they have been aired. These are on demand and they will be accessible for up to 30 days after the Live Stream Class has been conducted.

What is The Bonus On The Go Section?  

This is a fabulous resource to go to for some premium tips in Yoga or meditations, audio meditations on the go, quality content which you may have missed from our FB or IG talk shows are all stored here. We will constantly be curating extraordinary value to include in this Bonus section for your own Life’s Journey toward Personal Growth.

Will there be any future Online Programmes?   

Great Question. And yes, we are excited to bring you some amazing Programmes from our roster of International Facilitators where we can go on deeper journeys together with both live stream and on demand transformational content.

We will soon be launching the all new OhanaJo Academy. Life mentoring. Anytime. Anywhere. You will be able to access it from your current homepage for now. These are paid online programs or masterclasses that are not a part of the monthly subscription though some programs in our academy are conducted via donations so that everyone can join them.

How will I have access to the facilitators?

There is a community based platform within the membership where questions and answers can be posed and the facilitators can collectively respond. You will definitely get a chance to have your voice heard, even in classes you’re attending depending on the class format as so many of our sessions are LIVE so the teacher is right there with you. And you can also hear from the community where we encourage positive support of each other.

What are the payment methods?

Once you sign up for the membership, you can pay directly from your preferred Credit Card. The payments will be recurring monthly, unless you decide to cancel the membership. You can cancel anytime.

How do I cancel? 

It is under “My Account”, Go to ‘Billings” where you can click on ‘subscriptions’ and you will find the cancel button.

Is there somewhere I can get the overall Online Schedule? 

We will send you an update on a weekly basis by email and you can double check it once you are signed in. When you book your live class, you can add it to your calendar easily so you don't miss an update.

How do I contact you for further questions:  

Kindly Whatsapp us at +6017 696 8895 should you have any queries and please allow 24 -48 hours for us to reply to you, or you could email us at namaste@ohanajo.com.